6 Tips of Your Dress Appointment

6 tips for your dress appointment

  1. Be Open Minded

Let’s rationally think about this, okay? How many dress appointments have you had? 2 or 3, right? And how many do you think your consultant has done? Think in the 100’s.

With that being said, be open minded to what your consultant has to say about the fit and size of your dress. When you come in and say you are a size 6, please oh please don’t be upset with us for taking you to the 8’s! It’s not because we think you are fat, but because unfortunately wedding dress sizes are wacky, and your consultant has seen them tried on in many different sizes and on many different body shapes. When she pulls you that way, it is only because she doesn’t want you in the dressing room with a bundle of dresses that don’t fit!

  1. Eat well and drink a lot of water a few days before.

How much better do you feel if you have loaded up on the fruits and veggies? So much better! When you come in feeling healthy, your appointment goes so much more smoothly. It’s amazing to see how different brides treat themselves before an appointment, and how comfortable they are standing in front of the big mirror.

  1. Get ready for the day.

Again, this goes back to the points we just talked about. But it bears repeating. Take care of yourself! You will be staring at every inch of your body under bright lights during your appointment. You want to look and feel your best. And how hard is it to picture yourself on your wedding day, when you just came from the gym?

  1. Don’t wear lipstick

This is a tough one. You will have endless dresses pulled over your head. And it never fails that the girl with the bright lipstick leaves a giant mark all through the inside of a dress.

  1. Wear good underwear.

This is always a forgotten part of the day, but here at Bridal Brilliance, we help you in and out of dresses to insure that the upmost care is taken with our gowns. So, yes, there will be someone looking at your underwear. Don’t worry about us! We have seen it all, and we aren’t even looking. But we know that it makes it uncomfortable for you. We don’t want you to be embarrassed about your underwear when you should be looking for the dress of your dreams!

  1. You don’t have to cry

Last and very most importantly. There is no law written among the universe that says you must cry when you find “the one”. We would guess that about 8% of our brides actually cry when they know. (Moms are another story. We get a lot of crying moms!) And sometimes it ends up being the first one you try on, too! And that’s okay. We have had a few brides that walk in, try one dress on, and know it’s the one – all without tears.

All in all brides, remember this: take care of yourself, don’t worry if you walk out with something you never thought you would, and remember your underwear.

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