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I got a frantic call from Kylee Ann one hot July afternoon wondering if I could help out in a stylized shoot. She told me about a girl, Amber, that had been nominated for the Beauty Revived project. She had been diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in April, and had since then had a double mastectomy and had started chemotherapy. Kylee was going to be doing a photo shoot that involved Amber shaving her head and then hopefully wearing this amazing blush Vera Wang gown from Bridal Brilliance Rentals. I instantly agreed and less than 24 hours later I was headed to Logan to have an experience that I will never forget.

Amber started out by getting her makeup done by Syna Harris and then headed for a pre-shoot with Kylee Ann Photography. They were to be her last pictures before she would lose her hair. I met up with Amber and Kylee at Ambers’ in-laws’ house where she would get her head shaved by her wonderful mother-in-law, Annette. I met Amber for the first time at that point, and marveled at the spirit she radiated. I felt like an intruder during this sacred time as she prepared to lose her hair. Annette had a little salon set up in her front yard, and Amber, with a brave smile sat down. She was determined to shave her head before she found any hair on her pillow. A few tears were shed by everyone involved, but Amber was nothing but graceful. She, like we all would be, was worried about what her head would look like after the hair came off. She had nothing to worry about, as she never lost her beauty, and her head was perfect!

As we got to our location Amber was all smiles and loving the treatment she was getting. She kept asking if she should be having this much fun on the day she shaved her hair off. I followed her around fluffing her dress and being in awe of the warrior in front of me. She was a natural model and the camera loved her at every angle. Her positive attitude was contagious and I found myself vowing to be a little more like Amber.

She has now finished over a dozen rounds of chemotherapy and continues to be an inspiration to all who know her, and to many that don’t. I feel so privileged to have been a part of this shoot and that day will be one I will always remember, and treasure.

If you would like to show some love to Amber and her family you can donate to their fundraiser site and help out with her chemotherapy costs.

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Vera Wang/Bridal Brilliance Rentals








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Dress & Jewelry: Bridal Brilliance Rentals/ Vera Wang 351157

Photography: Kylee Ann Photography

Make Up Artist: Syna Harris

Amber: Fundraiser Site

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