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Our very own bridal consultant Abigail Merrill recently got married this past October. We interviewed her and her mom about her wedding, and have included some of her amazing wedding photos.

Let’s hear what they had to say about her adorable wedding!

Photographer: Ashlee Anne Photography

Baker: Kristin Avalos Cakes

Flowers: We did them ourselves!

Venue: The Grand View Reception Center


How did you two meet?

Mom: I will let Abbie answer this one ūüôā

Abbie:¬†His dad was my seminary teacher in high school and thought I would be the perfect match for his youngest son who was currently on a mission. I started writing him, and one day he suggested I should stop by and meet his family. That night, I met his oldest brother, Clayton and it was as close to love at first sight as you could get. I was still in high school, and he was a little older than I was, so we weren’t allowed to date until the end of my senior year. We basically knew we were getting married within a month or so of dating again. By July we were engaged!

How did he propose?

Mom: And this one.

Abbie: Every year my family goes on a special trip to Lake Powell. A few days in, he took me on a hike on top of a huge red rock above our campsite. Everyone could see us from down below, and he proposed right during sunset.

How long did you have to plan the wedding?

Mom: 3 months

Abbie: I had 3 months to plan my wedding.

Describe your wedding in 4 words:

Mom: Sophisticated yet Simply Chic and Casual

Abbie: Classy, intimate, over the top, elegant

What was the inspiration behind your wedding?

Mom: Lots and lots of pictures from Pinterest

Abbie: A fancy night out to a 5 star restaurant

What did you splurge on?

Mom: Photography and the first look video. We felt like those were the two things that would last beyond the wedding day.  I am so glad we hired a photographer and videographer that knew what they were doing.  It was nice to know we would have great memories through photography and video for years to come.

Abbie:¬†Center pieces, that’s what determines if your wedding will look cheap or expensive.

What did you save on?

Mom:¬†The wedding dress we rented.¬† I am so glad we didn’t buy.¬† Best decision ever!!!!¬†Flowers, we did those ourselves.¬† Although they turned out beautifully it was a little stressful doing them ourselves.

Abbie: Flowers, fake flowers can still be really pretty.

How much did you do yourself, and how much did you hire out?

Mom: We hired out 50% and did about 50% ourselves.

Abbie: I did as much as I knew how. I left the cooking to someone else and did all the decor myself. It saved so much money.

What was your favorite part of your day?

Mom: Abbie and Clay chose not to have a formal reception or wedding breakfast.  Instead they chose to have the ceremony and then a small dinner for friends and close family.  It ended up being about 100 people.  I was so glad that is what they decided on.

Abbie:  My favorite part of the day was honestly when we had to go get gas in between the temple and reception. It was just so cool to sit in the car and talk about the fact that we freaking just got married.

Any last advice?

Abbie:¬†Don’t have a reception, have a small dinner with 100-115 people and enjoy your night instead of standing in a line hugging people you don’t know the entire time.

Can you believe the perfect detail that went into this wedding? They only had 3 months and they pulled off one of our most favorite weddings to date! Big shout out to our seamstresses who added the buttons and long sleeves to this already gorgeous dress!
Take a look at Abbie and Clay’s First Look Video here.

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