BRIDES: {LOVE} Your Dress


Congratulations on getting to this point! You’ve got the ring and now it’s time to find a dress! There are just a few things that you should know. You ARE allowed to be picky, and you ARE allowed to search the state over trying to find exactly what you want. One thing that is not allowed is talking yourself into a dress that you don’t love! If you have to talk yourself into a dress then it isn’t the one!

There are many different reasons why a bride might do this.

1. The dress fits your budget. You want to love it because it’s on clearance, but something about it just doesn’t feel right. {Don’t talk yourself into this dress! Keep looking and you’ll find something that fits all of your criteria.}

2. Most brides have a vision of what they want their wedding dress to look like. Trying dresses on is much different than looking through a magazine and sometimes once it’s on your body it doesn’t look like you had imagined. {Don’t talk yourself into this dress! Keep your mind open and you’ll find something that looks great and that you love. Don’t be afraid to allow your dress vision to change.}

3. Your mom, sister, or grandmas like a particular dress but you don’t share the same sentiment. {Don’t talk yourself into this dress! It is your wedding and you’re the one wearing the dress. Your family will think you are beautiful no matter what dress you choose. Remind yourself of this and stay strong when it feels otherwise.}

4. Your sales consultant is pushing you to make a decision but you’re not sure if this dress is THE one. {Don’t talk yourself into this dress! You should never feel pressured to choose a dress. If you’re not sure and your sales consultant is pressuring you it’s OK to say NO. It’s ok to tell her you’re not sure and that you need to go home and think about it or even keep looking at other places before you make a decision.

Whatever the reason may be it is NEVER ok to pick a wedding dress that you are not in love with.

It’s YOUR day. Do what makes YOU feel happy, comfortable, and BEAUTIFUL!


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