Changing Your Last Name

Once you are married, getting your new last name on everything can be quite the chore! We’ve created a list of all the different places you will need to change your name, and where to get it done.

Before you can change your name anywhere, you will need to obtain a certified copy of your marriage license. Visit the county’s website to find out where to obtain a copy, and how much a certified copy will cost.

  1. Your Social Security Card

    There is no cost for a new social security card. By visiting this page, you can see what documents you need, the application form, and the address to your local Social Security Office. You can either do this in person at the office, or mail in copies of your documents.

  2. Utah Driver’s License

    You will need to go to the DMV in person, with a copy of your certified marriage license as proof of your name change. You will then need to apply for a renewal of your license. Visit this page to find out how to renew your license. DMV office locations.

  3. Car Title and Registration

    You will need to go to the DMV in person, with your existing title. You will surrender this at the DMV when you submit your application for a new Utah Title. You will need to pay a $6 duplicate fee. See here for the full instructions per the DMV. DMV office locations.

  4. Voter Registration

    You can do this at the DMV, or your county clerk’s office.

  5. Passport

    You will need to send in a copy of your certified marriage license, along with your application for a new U.S. Passport. For full information on obtaining a U.S. passport, visit this page.

  6. Other

    Above are the top 5 places to get your name changed. However, we know there a few other places you should do some looking into – your bank, the post office (don’t forget to change your address, too!), insurance company, and your employer.

It can be quite the hassle, but hopefully this short list will make things much easier for you! xoxo

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