Consignment Frequently Asked Questions

Do you purchase wedding dresses?

Bridal Brilliance Rentals does not purchase dresses. All of the dresses in our store are consigned.

What does consigning a dress mean?

When you consign your dress with Bridal Brilliance Rentals you remain the owner of it. We rent it out to brides, and you receive a portion of the rental fee every time it rents out.

What much money do I get when my dress is rented?

Depending on the rental price you will receive $75-$125 each time your dress rents out. 

What kind of dresses do you accept?

We currently accept designer dresses that are newer than 2015.  We accept all sizes and styles.

What if my dress gets damaged?

If your dress gets damaged beyond repair, you will be compensated for the entire rental price plus $50.  (ex. Dress rental is $500, compensated damage amount is $550.) When a bride signs a rental agreement, she knows that she is responsible for this amount if it comes back damaged. We have found that brides are very careful with our dresses and have had very little trouble with this!

How do you keep track of what is mine?

We keep an account for each person that has a dress in our store. Your dress and accessories are all tagged with numbers that correspond to your account.

How many times can my dress be rented out?

The amount of times a dress can rent out varies from dress to dress, depending largely on the fabric.

How long will you keep my dress?

We will keep your dress as long as it continues to be stylish and in good condition. However, when your dress starts showing wear, you will be notified that it can no longer be consigned.

What happens when you don’t want my dress anymore?

When your dress can no longer be consigned, you will be notified and have 30 days to either pick up your dress, notify us that you would like it shipped to you, or let us know that you would like to donate it to the current charity we are working with.

How do I know when my dress rents out?

You will receive an email notifying you that your dress was rented the following month of the rental. 

How do I get paid when my dress rents out?

You will receive a check in the mail approximately 2 weeks after you receive your Notice of Rental email. We can also process payments through Venmo if preferred. 

Am I responsible for the cleaning of my dress?

We require that your dress be professionally cleaned after its last use. If your dress has not been cleaned, we charge a $60 cleaning fee upon drop off.  We also have the option to have $75 taken off of your first rental check instead of paying the cleaning fee up front, if you prefer. After that Bridal Brilliance Rentals assumes responsibility for the cleaning of your dress in between rentals.

Do you consign veils and other accessories?

We accept accessories at our discretion; however, we do not send out consignment checks on these items. All accessories are tagged with your account and will be returned to you with your wedding gown.

I want to consign my dress. What do I do now?

To consign your dress, please fill out our application. You will receive a response within 48 hours of submitting your application. If your application is accepted you may bring your dress in anytime during business hours.  

Do I have to be local to consign my dress or can I mail it to you?

We have many brides from out of state mail in dresses. If you would like to mail us your dress please fill out the application. After it has been approved please email us back for shipping directions. 

What happens if I want my dress back?

If you would like your dress back, please notify us via phone call or email and we will get it cleaned and ready for pickup.  If your dress is under contract to be rented, then you will need to wait to pick it up until after it has been worn.

Do you consign bridesmaids or prom dresses?

Bridal Brilliance Rentals only consigns wedding gowns. If you are interested in consigning other formal wear please contact Once Upon a Whimsy at 801-815-4326.