Dear Brides

Wedding Signage Inspiration

Hot trend alert! Beautiful wedding signage. You’ll love our top picks for any type of wedding – classic, modern, and trendy!

Bridal Shop Diaries

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in a bridal store? We’re going to let you in on some of our favorite laughs and craziest stories! #bridalshopdiaries

Red Rock Weddings

Some of the most stunning wedding photos have come from Utah’s amazing landscape.

Patriotic Wedding

We love the brides who incorporate their patriotic spirit into their wedding – check out some of our classy ideas.

Wedding Thank You’s

Learn how to write the perfect thank you, and all the proper etiquette you need to remember for your gifts!

Top 5 Wedding Sashes

Sashes have become a huge trend in the wedding world, and can add a special detail to any dress.

Bridal Eye Makeup

Today we have a few looks that will make your gorgeous eyes pop for your wedding day.

Wedding Party Gifts

Show your wedding party appreciation for their support in the preparations & celebration of your marriage!

Sequins + Wedding

Learn how to tastefully incorporate this new trend into your wedding for a glam look!

Changing Your Last Name

We’ve created a list of all the different places you will need to change your name, and where to get it done.

5 Mother of the Bride Photos

This Mother’s Day, we are celebrating with 5 favorite mother of the bride photos that are sure to melt your heart!

Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes are a darling way to serve your wedding cake. This whimsical idea is really customizable, and unique!

3 Epic Honeymoons

From Europe to South America, we have 3 epic spots to enjoy your very own honeymoon.

Flower Girl Dresses

Don’t know where to get the look you want for your flower girl? Check out our suggestions!

Vendor Spotlight

We have come across an amazing new vendor, Brilliant Earth, with stunning rings, and an amazing cause!

Watercolor Cakes

Have you seen the new trend for Spring brides? We love the whimsical look of watercolored wedding cakes!

Wedding Invitation Tips

Wedding invitations are an integral part of any wedding, learn the etiquette that you should know!

Trend Alert: Copper

We have a pretty good feeling copper is going to be huge in the Summer of 2016 and even into 2017!

Traditional Wedding Vows

Have you ever wondered where the lines “until death do us part” or “to love, honor, and cherish” come from?

Save Your Outdoor Wedding

There are no promises that the weather will cooperate, here are our ideas to save your outdoor wedding!

Floral Bridesmaid Dresses

The newest and cutest trend for 2016 weddings is to get creative with your bridesmaid dress, and we are loving the floral bridesmaid dresses. they are all things whimsical and charming.

Wedding Hashtags

Using a wedding hashtag is a wonderful way to collect the photos from your guests for all of your wedding celebrations. We have a few DO's and DON'T's to get you started. DO: research your hashtag before your wedding. Make sure your no one else is using your hashtag,...

Veil Alternatives

We have seen a few veil alternatives pop over the last little while that we thought we would share with you. Anything from BoHo to classic and traditional is right here. There is sure to be something for everyone!

5 Bridal Shower Games

We don’t know about you, but we are always on the look out for not cheesy bridal shower games! These are 5 of our favorite simple, no hassle games that can get your guests laughing and having a blast!

Wedding Registry Hacks

The wedding registry is such a fun part of your wedding! Here are our 5 wedding registry hacks to use so that you can get what you really want!

Wedding Tradition Tuesday!

Have you ever thought about why it is brides and her bridesmaids carry around flowers on her wedding day? Believe it or not, there are many reasons that this tradition has evolved to what it is now.

5 {Not Cake} Wedding Dessert Ideas

To provide dinner or not to provide dinner? To provide something more than cake or not to provide something more than cake? It's so hard to come up with food for a wedding, and today we are going to show you our 5 favorite wedding dessert ideas - that aren't cake!...

Modernized Wedding Traditions

Brides are breaking from tradition more and more these days, and even the traditional brides are looking for ways to modernize their wedding. Of all the trends, the following are our favorite modernized wedding traditions - Bouquet Toss - the usual tradition of...

The Wedding Garter Tradition

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of the wedding garter came from? We attended a wedding last week, and thought to ourselves, “There has to be something more to this tradition!”

Wedding Dinner Over a Reception

Are you trying to keep your wedding small, but not sure how? We have seen a new trend popping up with a few of our brides – the wedding dinner.

5 Quick Wedding Tips

We've learned a few things being around brides as often as we are. Today we thought we would share 5 quick things that we have learned and want to pass on to our amazing brides! Transportation of gifts after the reception - talk to someone (mom, sister, mother in-law)...

We are Hiring – Seamstresses!

  Here at Bridal Brilliance, we have a fun, energized, and passionate team! We are looking for dedicated bridal seamstresses who are passionate about the wedding industry, and are motivated to create an enjoyable atmosphere for the brides who enter our shop. We...

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How to be Featured!

Instructions for how to get your wedding to be featured on Bridal Brilliance’s blog!