DIY Photo Backdrops

We know you’re busy planning for your wedding, and you’ve likely spent a lot of time considering how you’ll entertain guests at your reception. After all, weddings are fun not only for the couple getting married but for all of their friends and family as well! During the reception, everyone gets to let loose and enjoy themselves with the bride and groom, whether it’s on the dancefloor or just mingling nearby.

To continue the fun, add a photo backdrop, like this DIY floral one from Gifts, to your reception to give your guests another activity to participate in when they need a break from the dance floor! Not only will they have fun photos to help them remember the occasion, but it’s also a great opportunity for you to take some goofy shots with your guests. Don’t forget to include photo props, like masks or hats!

DIY Photo Backdrop Stand

One of the best ways to create photo backdrops is by making your own backdrop stand. This way you can reuse it for different celebrations and move it around easily. We’ll show you how to build a backdrop stand, plus two ways to decorate it!

Floral Backdrop

DIY Photo Backdrop with Fringe

Add some texture to your photo backdrop with colorful fringe triangles. This option is great for any type of party from New Year’s to birthdays. Just choose tissue paper that matches your theme, cut, tape and voila, you have a backdrop!

Floral Backdrop

DIY Photo Backdrop with Flowers

Fresh flowers are hard to resist! Give your bridal shower, birthday party or bachelorette party a floral touch with this photo backdrop. Mix in leaves for a pop of green, and make sure you choose long lasting flowers for a backdrop that will last all day.

Floral Backdrop

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