Floral Bridesmaid Dresses

Spring and Summer brides, listen up, because this is for you! The newest and cutest trend for 2016 weddings is to get creative with your bridesmaid dress, and we are loving the floral bridesmaid dresses. they are all things whimsical and charming. First we will show you some of our inspiration behind this new trend, and then we will show you where you can find these dresses for purchase.



Why this works: While this is a busy pattern, it will in no way overpower the brides dress. The colors are soft and muted enough that they look simple and whimsical, but not overwhelming.



Why this works: While the color palette could come off as young and immature, the cut of the dress and the sophisticated flowers help elevate the look to bridesmaid status.

lighter bridesmaid dresses


Why it works: This dress is especially perfect if you are planning a vintage inspired wedding. These elegant tones bring so much to a white dress, that will truly the bridesmaids apart from the bride, while still bringing a charming touch vintage inspiration.



Why it works: Patterned bridesmaid dresses are certainly a risk, because they have the ability to distract from the bride in pictures. However, these dresses would look lovely standing next to the bride. Their subtle blush and grey tones bring a darling personality to the dress.

So, where can you find dresses inspired by these looks above? We have found 5 of our favorites that we are going to share with you today!

white floral

$168 via Show Me Your MuMu

blue and white floral

$17.80 via Ful Chic

dark floral dress

$67 via GepurDress


$158 via Nordstrom

dark floral

$596 via ShopBop


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