Red Rock Weddings

My favorite color . . .  the seam of a desert horizon. 

Eileen Tabios

Living in Utah, we are blessed with such a diverse landscape. In the North, the Rocky Mountains stun as with their streams and lakes. Once you head south, you are hit with wall of red rock, that amazes locals and tourists alike. Some of the most stunning wedding photos have come from this amazing landscape. Here are just a few of our favorite Red Rock Weddings-

red rock wedding 3

red rock wedding 4

red rock wedding collage 2

red rock wedding 7

red rock wedding 5

red rock wedding 6

Photo 1 // Photo 2 // Photo 3 // Photo 4 // Photo 5 // Photo 6 // Photo 7

There is something so stunning and striking with the white wedding dress against the dark red rock. It comes together to create an eye catching photo. Locations for great pictures here in Utah include – Snow Canyon, St. George, Lake Powell, and Moab. All of these destinations have great red rock that would give you the same affect as the photos above!

What other destination wedding photos have you seen and loved?

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