Save Your Outdoor Wedding

Utah is so upside down and turned around during the summer, so if you are planning an outdoor wedding you have some guts and courage! There are no promises that the weather will cooperate, but if it’s the usual, it’s probably going to be hot and uncomfortable. Here are our ideas to save your outdoor wedding this summer!

outdoor wedding

Weather: Here in Utah you will have no idea how the weather could possibly disrupt your wedding – it could either be too hot or too cold. For either situation, you need to provide adequate shelter from either the rain or the sun. Renting a tent is a great option. Finding a venue with outside and inside options is also a good idea. In all honesty, we’ve attended outside weddings when you might as well have had an inside wedding because it was just too hot! Having an inside option at your venue could help.

Refreshments: Plan, plan, plan! Make sure you have opportunities for guests to have some water of some kind wherever you are. This will save your guests from dehydration, and make everyone so much more comfortable. This might mean buying hundreds of water bottles, but it really is so important.

The Cake: You might not have thought about the cake, but try to keep it inside until the very last moment. Think about what happens to frosting when you put it on a cake that hasn’t cooled – it starts to drip and run, and this is the last thing you want. Our advice is this: if you’re sweating the cake is melting.

Food: Similar to the cake, your food will go bad! If you plan to have your food sitting out for any length of time, ensure that it will stay fresh. Food sitting out in the heat is the perfect condition for spoiled food, and no one wants to give their wedding guests food poisoning.

Fabric: Wedding dresses are so heavy, and have layers and layers of fabric. It is really a good idea to look for something that wont cause a heat wave. Satin and taffeta will trap the heat under your dress, and you will be absolutely miserable. Go for more natural and breathable fabrics, such as tulle or chiffon. This is also the perfect time to wear an open back or even a short dress! You will feel so much better without being completely covered from head to toe in harsh and heavy fabric.


*Picture courtesy of Dale Cruse via Flickr, licensed under creative commons for commercial use. 

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