Sequins + Wedding

Glitter, glam, and sequins! It’s a huge trend we have been seeing, and we are loving it! However, sometimes it can be hard to know the right amount. We’ve included our top tips and ideas for creating a tastefully glam wedding!

Sequins + Wedding

Flower Girl Dress / Chair SashKatelyn Owens Photography / Ring Pillows /

Table Runner / Bowl / BridesmaidsArchetype Studio Inc.

Our tips for including sequins at your wedding –

  1. You should use sequins as a way to carefully accent your decor. Use them sparingly in order to maintain the elegant look of your wedding. Don’t go crazy, and always keep in mind “glam meets classic.” If you can say that these words represent your wedding by the end, you’ve done a great job!
  2. Use one color of sequins. By doing this, you will maintain cohesive decor throughout, and it will keep in check the amount of sequins you use.
  3. The above photographs are ideas of where to tastefully incorporate sequins. We are certainly not suggesting you use all of the above ideas. You will be glammed out by picking just 2-3 of our ideas!
  4. Remember the clean up. If you are going to be cleaning up your wedding with minimal help, remember that these babies can shed, and there will be a mess to clean by the end of the night. If you have an event staff that will help with the clean up, we would say don’t stress!

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