The Wedding Garter Tradition


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Have you ever wondered where the tradition of the wedding garter came from? We attended a wedding last week, and thought to ourselves, “There has to be something more to this tradition!” So, we decided to look into it – and what we found is a bit more innocent than what you would originally have thought!

This tradition began during the 14th Century, which is considered the Dark Ages, in England. It was considered lucky for someone to take home a piece of the bride’s clothing. And so, at the end of the ceremony the wedding guests would rush to the altar in hopes of getting some part of the bride’s attire. This tradition became more and more rambunctious, until the bride was being trampled and torn apart. Eventually, this tradition evolved into the husband removing and tossing the garter as a way to distract the other guests from devouring his  new bride. Groomsmen would try to catch the garter so that they could pin it to their hats for good luck.

There was a time when this tradition was not as widely practiced, but it again reemerged in the 20th century as we see it now. It used to be that the husband would remove the garter with his teeth, but it has  become more and more customary for him to remove it with his hands and toss it to his eagerly awaiting groomsmen.

What do you think about the wedding garter tradition? Is it embarrassing for the bride, or all in good fun?

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