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One fun way we have seen brides incorporate their loved ones is a wedding display of their vintage family photos. This can be such a fun way to add a bit of vintage charm while also acknowledging the heritage that made you who you are!


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Displaying photographs is an affordable and sentimental way to dress up your reception. It’s nothing but charming and simple. Here are 5 tips for getting this look at your wedding.

  1.    The Display: We love the idea of curating a few different frames to display them in, or clipping them to a clothes line. There are so many fun ways to get creative.
  2.    Be Safe: We do suggest that you DO NOT bring the originals to your wedding celebrations. Be sure to make scans or copies and leave the originals at home. You never know what could happen to them, and this can ensure that you keep them safe. Talk to your local copy store about your plans to ensure that you get the right quality for your photos when they are scanned and printed.
  3.    Already Digital?  If you have digitized formats already, you can send them to your local Walgreens, Walmart, or Costco for fast and easy printing.
  4.    Gift Them: These printed and framed photos could also make great gifts to your parents or grandparents. How sweet would it be for them to receive wedding photos of their own family?
  5.    Home Décor: You could also keep the photos and create a gallery wall in your home of your ancestors wedding photos and you own. Such a darling way to incorporate your family history into your new life and home!

What is your favorite wedding display for your photographs?


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