Short Wedding Hair Inspiration

short wedding hair

Have you been looking online for the perfect wedding hairstyle, only to find that everything is for medium to long haired brides? We know it can be tough, so we put together a few hairstyles and tips to help you!

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  1. Flower Crown

As everyone knows by now, we are so in love with flower crowns! They are a great alternative if you feel like a veil is not for you. You can go with your natural texture, or you can dress things up with a bit of a curl and bend in your hair.

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  1. Half Up Half Down

This style is a classic! You can do so many different things with this basic hairstyle. We love a curly option or a blown out and classic look. This is an ideal way to do your hair if you are going to have a veil!

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  1. Braids

Braids are all the rage right now, and they can be done in such a timeless way. Depending on your length, you can use a braid to create an updo, or you can use it to simply add some interest to your style.

pulled back short hair wedding hair


  1. Messy Up Do

Adding texture to your hair will make this look completely doable! Short hair pulled out to frame the face will keep things so romantic. Adding a veil to the back will give the illusion of longer hair.

Basic Tips for Short Wedding Hair:

  • Don’t be afraid of veils. A single layered veil with beading on the edge can create a stunning bridal look. Veils are very much in style, and plus, it will make your mom happy! 
  • Always talk to your stylist about the goal for your hair. For example, do you want to hide the fact that you have short hair? Do you want a boho look? Do you want to show off your hairstyle? Letting your stylist know can help them provide suggestions to achieve the look.
  • If you are looking into extensions, make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to get them color matched and cut.  


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