Wedding Party Gifts

Your wedding party does so much for you to support you in your preparations and celebration of your marriage. In an effort to show your appreciation, you want to give them each a thoughtful gift. Today we have a few ideas for gifts, and top etiquette tips for your gifts!
wedding party gifts

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Top Tips for Your Wedding Gifts:

  • Your gift should convey a sincere appreciation for their involvement in your wedding preparations and celebrations – especially their financial contribution. Also consider the responsibilities of your maid of honor, who is generally more involved than the rest of the wedding party.
  • Rehearsal dinner is a great time to present your wedding party gifts. For bridesmaids, you could distribute your gifts on the day of the wedding as you get ready together. For your parents and future in-laws, you may want to find a more private time to give them the love and appreciation they deserve!
  • Gifts don’t have to be one size fits all. You can certainly pick out a gift for each of your bridesmaids individually, this is especially feasible if you have a smaller wedding party.
  • Always include a handwritten card with the gift. The time and money spent on the gift will mean little if there is no expression of appreciation and love. You can keep it short and simple, but remember to always keep it personal!
  • Most wedding party members will not expect much of a gift (they shouldn’t, anyway!), so always consider your budget, and what is feasible for you and your groom. Communicate with your groom about your wedding gift budget, and try to coordinate what you give groomsmen and bridesmaids for price range.

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