Wedding Registry Hacks

The wedding registry is such a fun part of your wedding! Here are our 5 wedding registry hacks to use so that you can get what you really want!

Choose ONE store for your registry. I know this sounds like it would be limiting your gifts but there are two reasons for this:

  • Guests can see what really has been bought – reducing duplicates.
  • You heighten your chances of getting the things on your registry

Choose ONE of each item. Don’t choose 3 shower curtains, 2 toasters, 4 colors of bath towels… This may seem like common sense to most brides, but there are some who need to be told this directly.

Remember how we said to choose one store for your registry? Well, can combine wedding registries from varying stores, like Target, Amazon, or Bloomingdales, into one registry to direct your guests to. Perfect for your online shopper guests!

We love Squirrelly Minds‘ chart breaking down the amount of gifts to register for based on your shower and wedding guest list. It’s okay to register for expensive gifts – because guests love to come together and get you something bigger than normal.

wedding gifts wedding showerReturning your items is fine, and you can usually do it without a receipt. Most gifts you will be able to tell where they were purchased, so over the two or three months create a few bins with a pile of things that need to get returned, this way you can do it in one trip. For example, create your Walmart bin and a Target bin, and as gifts trickle in after the wedding, you can put anything you want to return in these bins. Take all of it to the store, and let them now they were wedding gifts, and need to be returned. We suggest this, because there are some places (ie. Target) that let you return items only two times a year without the receipt – they put it on your ID. You don’t want to return a few items here and there, and run out of returns.

**Source: Photo by Emily Carlin via Flickr. Text added. 

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