Wedding Thank You’s

Thank You

Small Thank You Card

  1. Begin with the salutation.
  • If you don’t personally know the person, be sure to use a formal salutation.
  • If you have a close/intimate relationship with someone, address them in a way that you see fit
  • Unless you have a close relationship, you should use a formal salutation whenever possible

2. Gratitude for attendance.

  •  If you received this at a shower, luncheon, or wedding – express your gratitude for attending the event.  It’s a thoughtful addition to any thank you card.
  • If they were unable to attend any event, express your regrets, and that they were dearly missed.

3. Mention the gift

  • A gift from a registry: mention a specific use of the gift
  • A gift from someone you don’t know: express gratitude for the gift, and the excitement of meeting them
  • A cash gift: don’t mention the amount, but mention how it will be use, i.e.: a car, a house, a special trip, etc.
  • You really hate it: there is no need to gush about the gift, but do express a positive thought or two

4. Personal Thought/One more ‘Thank you!’

  • You can include how you will use the gift
  • Mention how excited you are to see them again

5. Signature

  • If before your wedding, do not sign with your married name
  • If you have stationary you are writing on, avoid this by only using your initials, and not a full monogram


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, 

Thank you so much for making it out to our reception! It is always wonderful to see your smiling faces. We are so excited to use the baking supplies – Josh is looking forward to a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies! We look forward to seeing you at the barbecue next week!


                   Jessica and Josh

Extra Tips:

  • Acknowledge each and every gift with a thank you note.
  • Usually, try to send your thank you within 2 weeks of the wedding and 2 months after the wedding
  • Handwritten. Always. Please, please don’t send a thank you through a text or email!
  • Appreciate your vendors – it doesn’t need to be big, but a small appreciation, and maybe a few wedding photos that include their part in your day would be helpful. (Send photos of your table arrangements to your florist, your cake cutting to your baker, etc.)
  • It doesn’t have to be just a bride’s responsibility. Especially if they are from the groom’s side, ask him for a little bit of help.


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