Wedding Tipping Etiquette

Do you feel like the rules for tipping are changing? Us, too! In this post, we suggest a good amount for each vendor that helped made your day special.

wedding tipping etiquette

Hair and Makeup

Just as you would tip your hair stylist any other time, a good tip is between 15-20%. While adding to the check is fine, most prefer their tip given to each individual stylist by cash. You can do this by putting it in a small envelope for each of them. Typically, you do not tip the salon owner.


Before you add in a tip, be sure to check your contract because many times it is included in the contract. However, if it is not included, there are two ways to go about tipping. You can tip 15-20% of you bill to be divided among the staff, and you would give this to the catering manager. Often, a more cost-effective way would to tip the catering manager $50-$100, chefs $50, and the wait staff between $20-$30. Again, it would be appropriate to separate these tips into different envelopes.


Traditionally it is the responsibility of the couple to tip the bartender. If you decide to take responsibility for this, let your bartenders know that you will be tipping at the end of the night, and that they should not accept tips from guests. It is suggested to tip 15-20% of the bill, before tax.

Wedding Planner

Typically a wedding planner will not expect a tip for their services. If you feel that they went above and beyond their call of duty, a great option would be to put together a small personal gift to give her at the end of your event. If you are wanting to do cash, we suggest tipping around 15% of the fee.

Photographer & Videographer

Tipping photographers is one of the most forgotten! they will be spending their entire day with you, often skipping out on meals to capture special memories. It is strongly advised to tip no less than $100, and up to $200. However, if your photographer is the owner of the studio (excluding small business owners) you would typically not tip.


Tipping your florist is not required, however, tipping the delivery staff is a must. About $15-$20 for each staff member would be appropriate. If you feel that your florist did an exceptional job, 10% would be appropriate.


Tipping an officiant may not always be appropriate. However, donating about $100 to their institution would be a kind gesture.

Band or DJ

There are two ways to tip the band or DJ. You can offer about 15-20% of the final total, especially if there is a lot of heavy equipment. However, you can also tip $25-$50 to each band member. There is no specific rule for this.

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